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Are you moving to Cyprus, Information on Retiring to Cyprus For British Citizens

There are many reasons why retirement to Cyprus has become more and more popular with British and other Nordic citizens. The pleasant climate and relaxed lifestyle are particularly attractive, but there are many other benefits of building a nursing home in Cyprus. As one of the countries with the lowest crime rate in the European Union, this is a very safe place to live, and providing first-class medical facilities at a reasonable price is always a concern for people who are about to pass away. Cyprus is a beautiful country with many beautiful beaches and magnificent scenery. The year-round warm climate makes retirement a very attractive Cyprus.

Of course, climate and the cost of living are the most common attractions for anyone who wants to retire, but there are many other reasons. The banking and legal systems are derived from the British system and will be familiar and easy to operate. Therefore, the transition to Cyprus is much easier. For those who receive pensions in the UK, there are good tax incentives.

Almost all Cypriots speak English and usually speak very well, so there will never be any communication problems. The modern infrastructure and first-class facilities are comparable to other European countries. You can buy fresh local fruits and vegetables at any time. In this ideal climate, the humidity is low throughout the year, which is very beneficial to your health. This is especially important for rheumatism or other diseases that worsen during cold and humid winters.

What you need to know to retire to Cyprus

Of course, before you become a permanent resident of Cyprus, you must complete some legal procedures. The first step is to apply for a residence permit at the Cyprus immigration office. While in Cyprus, please fill out an M67 form, which you can obtain from the local immigration office. If you retire, you will need Class F. You must have the means to sustain your livelihood in Cyprus, such as investment income or pension,

After obtaining the Class F approval, you will be prohibited from engaging in or even voluntarily working or operating a business, so you must have enough income to support your life. The UK pension can be deposited directly into an account in Cyprus that will be indexed, so all pension increases will be paid as if you were still living in the UK.

in conclusion

Facts have proved that Cyprus is a popular place for Nordic retirements. Your lifestyle is similar but more relaxed, and the transition is usually easy. If you want to retire in the sun, then Cyprus can be regarded as the ideal place to enjoy a relaxed retirement life.

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