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Are you planning a vacation in China, check out the main things you should know about how to move to China

Are you moving to China? Congratulations, you will get a truly unique experience that you cannot appreciate and understand until you are there. So what do you need to do to become expatriate and live in china? Follow these five steps to move to China, and you’ll be on your way.

Step 1: Complete what you do at home.

Complete what you do in your current city. Moving to China, especially for the West, is much more complicated than moving from America to Europe. The difference in culture is enormous. If you are planning to live in China for a specified period (a year or more), tell the business owner about the last business day, say to your friends the date of your departure, cancel the cables, gas, electricity bills, etc. The contract will expire at the end of the month. Tie the missing ends before doing this step.

Step 2: Choose a city

China is the fourth largest country in the world with more than 170 cities and more than a million people! You must have an idea of ​​the city you want to live in before moving to China. Shanghai is the largest and most western city in China. The capital and the second-largest city is Beijing, the third-largest city is Guangzhou in the south, near Hong Kong. While many foreigners choose to move to one of these three cities, you should search for the type of experience you want when moving to China. Urban China vs. Rural China. Sure, living in the countryside is a “real” Chinese experience, but it is often more difficult for foreigners.

Step 3: Get a visa

Once you choose which city to move to China, you must apply for a Chinese visa. Google search, “Your City + Visa Service”, for a small fee, will manage the entire visa application process. Alternatively, you can go to the nearest Chinese embassy and fill out the forms on your own, which can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. The three main types of visas are tourism, business and work. It takes 1-2 weeks to process your permission, so plan.

Step 4: Book a flight

The best time to move to China will be in the fall, as the weather is usually milder at that time. I would recommend a red-eye flight through a local Chinese airline. When flying long distances, try to find a non-stop trip as travel will damage your early days in China.

Step 5: Find a job

There is an abundance of jobs in China if you are an English speaker as there are always a lot of English language teaching jobs available. If you are somewhat attractive, there is also a huge market for foreign models. There are also jobs in business, but they usually require fluency in Mandarin.

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