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Discover the essential reason why immigrants become millionaires in the UK

I am writing this article because I started to see more and more immigrants from Eastern Europe. They freely entered the UK when the laws changed about seven years ago, turning into men of a successful business. Many did so within a few months or a year or two after arriving despite arriving in the country with very little income.

Do they work smarter or work harder, I don’t think. Yes, it is true, especially “hard work,” but primarily because of their faith. It’s our beliefs that drive our behavior, it’s our behavior that creates our results, so if we don’t like what we have, we have to change our behavior. The only way to improve our practice is to review our belief system and ask ourselves, “What do we believe in?”

What are the drivers of successful immigrants?

Migrants see this country in a new light and often see opportunities that others miss. Many are university graduates, and for some reason, they could not use this education in their country due to high levels of unemployment, corruption, or class or ethnic barriers.

120+ hour work week

Their work ethic is commendable; they don’t come to another country to do what they love; They come to earn money at the forefront of their determination to make money above happiness, above family, and above everything else. I remember growing up on the outskirts of Glasgow, and there was an Asian store on almost every corner. These stores were open 6 to 8 pm daily, weekends and holidays. It remains open 365 days a year. The strong family support, loyalty, commitment, and family values ‚Äč‚Äčthat accompanied this culture ensured that success was inevitable. It was only the time it took to become a millionaire that differed among traders. The great thing is that you can only go to the store if you find that you run out of an ingredient during cooking or something else. They summed up the real meaning of “little store.”

Some immigrants recognize and educate them on poverty, teaching them not to focus on material things like a house, a car, and an expensive lifestyle, but mainly to work hard and be successful. Success means a lot for many people, and likewise, for immigrants, it means a lot of different things. I know that for the Asian community, it was about providing a better future for the family and, more importantly, giving their children a childhood they had never experienced before.

Migrants are threatened by definition, and I have seen it many times. They will try something. If that does not work, they do not play to be a victim, do not jump directly, do not shake, do not polish their teeth, and with increased determination, they move towards their next target. Migrants tend to be more success-oriented because it is this orientation that led them to their new destination in the first place.

Migrants stick to each other.

It is certainly something that I have experienced countless times over the years. For example, London is an extremely multicultural community with many Australians, South Africa, New Zealand, and Eastern Europe working and living close to each other in the capital. They do not always work together, but they have an extensive social network of their fellow citizens, they are often involved or create communities, etc. This support network is invaluable and helps each other to succeed and adapt. There are real strength and power in the numbers, and this is reflected in these groupings.

They don’t take “no” as an answer.

Just because someone tells you to refuse, it doesn’t mean that you can return it. I knew a Polish woman who went on to higher education and tried to find a job as a preschool. They said no, so she offered her work for free, and after a few months, she was offered paid employment. So it shouldn’t mean no, it means that it isn’t right now, and if you have the right mindset, then the right design cannot turn into yes later.

How green is this grass?

For most immigrants, they are much greener, and for this reason, you will rarely hear a migrant’s complaint about life because, in their eyes, there is nothing sad. They have a good roof over their heads, and their children receive a good education. For many, if they were

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