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Do you dream of an international job in Denmark? Three ways to get a work permit

Do you dream of an international job in Denmark? Then you must first obtain a work permit if you come from outside the EU.

Denmark has tightened immigration and work restrictions in the last few years, making it a bit difficult to obtain a work permit. Depending on your qualifications, there are still more ways to get fast and get a job in Denmark.

Here are three ways to get all the important work done. The permit is the first step towards finding a job in Denmark, where there are a very attractive work environment, high-wage packages, and good opportunities, but they are not accessible to everyone.

Find out first if you have the right to work in Denmark.

If you are an EU citizen, you have the automatic right to look for work in Denmark. It’s just a job for you. See Number 3 below. If you find enough paid work, you will be granted a residence permit. For other applicants, this is a bit more difficult.

Remember: if you come to Denmark without the right to look for a job or a work permit and then apply, the process is much more difficult. While you wait (3 to 6 months), you will be without income where you can still work from home. There is no guarantee that a permit will be issued. Play safe.

Here are 3 tips for getting a work permit in Denmark

First of all:

check the Danish system for verifying applicants. This is called a Green Card scheme and you get points based on your education, work experience, language skills, adaptability, and age. Complete the application and if you can collect 100 points, you can get a work permit, which also gives you a 3-year residence permit.

Option 2:

Look at the list of positive people. This is a list of jobs where there are no qualified candidates in Denmark. If you have qualifications included in the list of positive work skills, you can quickly obtain a work permit.


Browse the most popular jobs in Denmark, Jobnet, Job Guiden, Job Zonen, Monster, StepStone, and enter your CV / CV in the file. You can send your CV in English or Danish.

Many companies are looking for skilled workers in job banks. If you are offered a job that costs 375,000 kroner or more, you are automatically eligible for the payroll scheme, which automatically gives you a work permit.

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