Education Credential Assessment; Where can you get your ECA?

One of the most important steps you need to take when applying for a Canadian permanent resident visa is to request an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) – a basic requirement for all educated individuals. outside of Canada. This is to demonstrate that the educational standards of the individual are the same as those granted by the Canadian education system.

Therefore, all people applying for a visa through the Express Entry program will need an ECA to certify that their overseas education degree or qualification is valid and considered equivalent to a Canadian degree.

Who should opt for ECA?

Suppose you were educated outside of Canada. In this case, you must obtain your ECA to apply for a public relations visa under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) or earn points for studying outside of that North American country. Obtaining an ECA is not necessary for those who have obtained their degrees from any of the educational institutions in Canada.

Suppose people wish to bring their spouse/partner with them to Canada. In this case, they must also apply for their ECA in order to obtain points for their diplomas or diplomas for their Canadian public relations visa applications.

An ECA is required for an applicant’s highest level of education. If a person has a doctorate, they should apply for an ECA only for that qualification and not for their bachelor’s or master’s degree. Where candidates have two or more credentials that are part of each other, then they will need ECAs for both.

An ECA report will prove that a person’s credentials are equal to Canadian high school or post-secondary credentials. If confirmed by ECA reports, applicants will then meet the FSWP academic criteria and earn points under the educational qualification for their CRS scores.

Where can you get your ECA?

Applicants can obtain an ECA from one of the following designated organizations:

World Education Service (WES) (designated date: April 17, 2013)
Medical Council of Canada (Physician Professional Body) (Date Appointment: April 17, 2013)
Canadian International Credentials Evaluation Services (Date Appointment: April 17, 2013)
Comparative Education Services – University of Toronto School of Continuing Education (Date Appointment: 17 April 2013)
Canadian Board of Pharmacy Examinations (Professional Body for Pharmacists) (designated date: January 6, 2014)
International Qualifications Assessment Service (designated date: 6 August 2015)
International Credential Evaluation Service (designated date: August 6, 2015)
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will only accept ECAs granted on or after the date the designated organization submits the ECA report for PR visa applicants.

You should choose your company based on your occupation. For example, a civil engineer (NOC code 2131) can only obtain a work permit after obtaining a report from the relevant Canadian committee.

All of the above organizations offer ECAs for degrees and diplomas that candidates have earned outside of Canada. They verify that their documents are genuine and then award an equivalency report that will help candidates get the necessary points in their immigration applications.

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