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Find out the Advantage of Immigration and Work Permit Visa Screening Document Verification Program

To enter or stay in lucrative immigration destinations such as America, Canada, Australia, or European countries, non-citizens (foreigners) ) and work visa applicants move around in the dirt as part of the game. They visit the documents to stay in compliance with immigration and nationality laws.

CNN crime report says counterfeiting of documents and the use of forged documents is one of the most critical crimes related to immigration and work visas, as people face serious fraud charges, imprisonment, and expulsion.

Employers also face a significant loss of reputation when they find out that they have employed an employee with a false identity card, invalid driver’s license, wrong education, or even a fake work history. Neglected job claims obligations are increasing as document fraud has become a million-dollar business.

Usually, when issuing work and employment permits, third parties or agents involved link the work visa applicant and the employer. Most of them would have advised the applicant to falsify documents to meet the requirements of the employer and a suitable position.

CBC News recently reported a story that “accused the Canada Border Services Agency Bradley Jacobson and Kendall Schmidt of developing counterfeit cases and using fake documents to target more than 300 foreign citizens. Immigrants to Canada for a fee. ”

“Fox News has reported a story,” said authorities in New Mexico, who seized a gang of fraudsters who allegedly forged false documents for undocumented immigrants who wanted a driver’s license. ”

Every day, online newspapers and news forums are filled with this type of news, which discourages governments and employers for homeland security, terrorism, and reputation together.

What are the benefits of immigration, working visa verification, and document verification!

  • Ensure that merit-based immigration programs are not compromised or circumvented.
  • Embassy staff and the immigration service are empowered to focus on strategic and analytical activities.
  • Protection of national security.
  • Ensures that only qualified people are accepted in sensitive areas such as medicine or engineering.
  • All candidates were able to treat in a uniform and fair manner.
  • Acts as a powerful deterrent for committing fraudulent documents.


Many ambitious and economic migrants use false documents to obtain visas and work permits. This is unfair to well-qualified candidates, undermining merit-based immigration programs, and risking a general response against immigration policies. It also threatens national security when used by criminals and potential terrorists to fabricate false identities.

The verification of immigration documents is the only reliable means of deterring against the increase in illegal immigrants and a work visa permit that uses forged documents to obtain a profitable employment opportunity for them.

A comprehensive screening program for immigration or work visa applications will not only reduce the liability of government authorities and employers but can also help screen non-disabled migrants to enter buildings in their countries and help employers to recruit the best employees to match in their organization.

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