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Finding a job in Kuwait: the easiest way to get a job and work in Kuwait


Are you looking for job opportunities as a foreigner in Kuwait? If so, you are on the correct page. Because the country has huge oil reserves, it offers a lot of job opportunities for foreigners. Today, thousands of foreigners work in Kuwait. Check how to find a job as an immigrant;

Job opportunity

Kuwait has the lowest unemployment rate in the world. It has no personal income tax, so it can offer many job opportunities to people around the world. However, the country encourages locals to get the best jobs. But the good news is that foreigners do not need to learn Arabic to serve in the country. All they have to do is communicate in English.

Get a work permit

If you are a foreigner, you must obtain a work permit before working in Kuwait. However, people from the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council do not need to obtain a work permit. In this case, the employer acts as the foreigner’s sponsor. Therefore, the company is responsible for the clerical work of the employees, such as filling out visa applications and opening bank accounts. Also, if you violate any regulations, the employer will be liable.


After obtaining a work permit, foreigners can act as guarantors for their relatives. Therefore, they can invite their relatives to live with them in the country. However, if they want to work in Kuwait, they must obtain their own work permit. Therefore, you may want to take this into account.

Most of the Kuwaiti government’s investment comes from oil revenues. Interestingly, the government does not collect personal taxes, whether they are Kuwaiti residents or foreigners. However, foreign companies must pay taxes. The tax rate for foreign companies is 15%. However, if you operate a business locally in the country, you do not have to pay taxes. Also, there is no value-added tax, which is another good news.

Social Security

The country has established a strong social security system for its citizens, which covers public health care, sickness benefit, disability, and pensions. Funding for the system comes from the state. However, this public-oriented social security system does not apply to foreigners. But some employers offer similar systems for their employees.

During their stay in Kuwait, foreigners can enjoy public medical services. Today, foreign companies are under tremendous pressure to provide private health insurance to foreigners. The idea is to minimize the load on the existing system.