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Immigrate to Australia and find out Top 10 Cities to find Job in Australia

The Top 10 Job search sites in Australia revealed by new survey results.

Using ABS data, the report measured 10 regions across the country to register at least a five percent increase in employment since November 2007. North Sydney and east Perth topped the list, with 13 percent employment growth since November 2007 and over the same period, employment increased 11% in south-eastern New South Wales and 10% in the western region from Western Australia, to Ipswich City, northwest of Queensland and central Melbourne.

From a state perspective, New South Wales ranked first, home to seven of the top 20 districts. Queensland (QLD) with 5, Victoria (VIC) with 4 and Western Australia (WA) with 2 are next behind NSW.

South Australia and Tasmania have followed suit with West Adelaide and Tasmania’s “northern sector” proving to be equally attractive attractions

The top 10 regions were:

1) Deformation of Perth East Metropolitan in Western Australia with a 13% increase in employment growth

2) North Sydney is the lowest in New South Wales, up 13%

3) NSW Southeast increased by 11%

4) Low Western West in Western Australia, up 10%

5) Ipswich City in the QLD with a 10% increase in employment growth

6) North-North-West in QLD, up 10%

7) Melbourne Interior in the Vienna International Center up 10%

8) Sydney Interior in New South Wales, up 9%

9) BSB scales for the South and East in the QLD, up 9%

10) Darling Downs-Southwest in Queensland, an increase of 8%

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