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Jobs in Sharjah; How to secure Sharjah Working visa permit

As the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, after Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah is a very attractive option for you if you want to work in the Middle East. It has a very fast-growing economy, with the wealth of a number of industries such as oil and natural gas, construction, construction services, and retail contributing to its success story. Working in Sharjah is a very attractive proposition, as many South Asians, the Philippines, and even Western countries like the UK, the US, and Germany have found. We have some tips for you if you also want to know more about jobs in Sharjah, how to get a job in Sharjah.

Oil & Gas Jobs in Sharjah

Oil and natural gas make up a large part of Sharjah’s economy. The Persian Gulf is one of the largest sources of oil in the world. Sharjah’s position as a port in the Gulf makes it a very attractive proposition for oil companies to open refineries and other factories in the emirate, which they do. These refineries require everyone from the site manager to the plumber. They also have requirements for positions such as estimating manager, marketing, finance, and a host of other jobs related to the smooth running and running of the oil and natural gas industry.

Transportation jobs in Sharjah

Port Khalid is the main port of Sharjah, and it is a modern port with container terminals, roller cargo terminals, and land and sea support. Requires technicians and engineers for proper performance. Another big employer in Sharjah is the international airport, which is the second-largest air cargo hub in the Middle East. Most of the jobs at the airport are for UAE citizens, but there are many airlines operating to and from the airport that also hire international staff.

Sharjah Visa

Foreign workers in the UAE, and therefore also in Sharjah, are not migrants, just temporary workers who must leave as soon as their employment contract expires. As a temporary worker, you will need to obtain a residence visa for the United Arab Emirates. The company you work for will usually sponsor your UAE residence visa, which will then allow you to live in Sharjah as well.

You also need a work visa or a work visa to be able to work in Sharjah. Usually, the employer takes care of this as well.

Working hours in Sharjah

For most ex-pats working in Sharjah, as well as in the United Arab Emirates, work is their life. They only got a job in Sharjah so that they could earn a higher income than in their home countries, save money and go home. They work from 8 a.m. M. At 8 p. M., With a 2-3 hour break in the middle of the day, and they do it as many days a week as possible to earn as much as possible.

Sharjah Laws

Sharjah is perhaps the strictest emirate in the UAE with regard to how decency laws are applied: mixing of married and single men and women is not allowed, dress codes are conservative, and the sale and consumption of alcohol are prohibited. So when applying for jobs in Sharjah, keep this in mind.

Apart from the sectors mentioned here, construction, finance, marketing, and tourism are also very attractive options for a foreigner to work in Sharjah. With lower-paying unskilled jobs paying $ 600- $ 1000 per month in Sharjah, and skilled workers getting much more, Sharjah is the right place to look for work.

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