Jobs in Sweden – Examine the essential Requirements to land job as an immigrants

Although the recent global financial crisis seems to be easing, it is foreseeable that by 2010, as their confidence gains momentum in the market, more companies will hire partial or full-time employees. The need for job opportunities is the top priority for all people to return to normal life. Providing people with opportunities to find paid work can restore their confidence and normalcy in spending on commodities and consumables. In addition to improving operational efficiency, this fee is necessary for the company to maintain its solvency.

Sweden has many summer jobs, and the country’s salary is one of the highest in the European Union. The summer in Sweden is also well known, especially the longest day of the year. Sweden is an ideal place for part-time work in EU member states.
These are some of the conditions that must be met to find a job in Sweden

There are several job categories in Sweden. these are:

– Insurance
-General Affairs
-Architecture and handicrafts
– Human Resources
– Human Resources
-Banking and financial services
-Auditing and financial management
-Marketing and publicity
-Information Technology and Telecommunications
-Administrative support
-Transportation and logistics
-Focus on R&D
-Science and scientific research
-Health and Medicine
-Social and fitness
-Media and information
-Design and Architecture
-Education and training
-Security and protection services
-Travel and accommodation
-Land, sea, environment and veterinary services
-Fine Arts and Culture.

o For non-Swedish citizens, a work permit must be obtained to work in the country. If you work for more than 3 months, you must obtain a residence permit.

o Preferences apply to EU member states

o Those who work in Sweden for the first time must apply to the Swedish Embassy in their country, and the Swedish Immigration Agency will decide whether to grant you a work permit. The Immigration Bureau will verify with the local labour unions of various occupations whether they are capable of accepting such jobs.

o Some organizations have international internship opportunities that can provide jobs in Sweden and other countries/regions. AIESEC is one such organization, which has carried out this international internship exchange program since 1948. Sweden is one of the original members of the organization.

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