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Keys to USCIS Visa and Immigration Reform – A Guide For Foreign Skilled Workers

USCIS visas and immigration reforms are on the rise in Congress, and this could be good news for foreign artisans. Current visa rules can make it difficult for companies, especially young start-ups, to hire skilled foreign workers. Therefore, some indications are that these workers are on their way to other countries, such as Australia, Canada or the United Kingdom, where it is easier to obtain the status of a legitimate job.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, entrepreneurs are using lobbying for Congress to implement immigration changes to enable more qualified foreign workers to stay in the United States and thus boost the economy. The President of the US Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, addressed immigration reform in his speech in America in 2013. He emphasized the need to retain qualified foreign workers and was optimistic about the future of immigration reform.

If you are a foreign trader, you will be directly affected by the proposed changes to the USCIS visa and changes in immigration. We cannot predict precisely what will happen in the coming months, but we expect the parliament to address specific key issues.

Remove USCIS Visa Land Cap

There is now a limit to how many H-1B visas can be issued to each country. Reaching the ceiling creates the remnants of craftsmen who have to wait even longer before they can work in the United States. If the national roof is removed, immigrants from countries such as China and India will have a greater chance of obtaining an H-1B visa.

Increase the number of available H-1B visas

Every year, 85,000 H-1B visas are made available and picked up almost immediately. As part of immigration reform, we hope to see more H-1B visas available to applicants. When there are not enough H-1B visas available, US companies are forced to leave positions unpublished.

Path to citizenship

The H-1B visa is a work visa. USCIS visa and immigration laws mean that H-1B does not always lead to a green card for qualified foreign workers. One of the main emphases of immigration reform is to make it easier for trained immigrants to access citizenship, especially those who have been legally employed in the United States for several years.

Incentives for graduates

The organization “Business for Professional Immigrant Workers”, founded by the Greater Boston Department, has proposed the STEM graduate green card. This would allow foreign graduates from US universities to stay in the US, where they could contribute to the workforce or start their own business.

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