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Moving to San Francisco – Discover the top things to do as a tourist for a great vacation

The beautiful city of San Francisco is a melting pot of culture and profession. Because of this, all provinces tend to have their own special characters and even their unique micro-climate. This is a short guide to the neighbourhoods of San Francisco and what to consider when moving to the city.

North coast

The historic North Beach area is full of great views and is recognized as a safe, family-friendly area. The area offers great public transport options as well, as the condition of the car parks can be dire. Despite the area’s family-friendly reputation, there is still a good nightlife, but perhaps more so compared to older and more sensible people. There are plenty of green spaces in the area and although it may seem a bit crowded at times, this is overall a great area to live in.

The marina

Plush, chic and upmarket are just a few of the super chips that can be used to illuminate the marina. Rental and housing prices here are very high, but it is easy to see why when looking around the area. There are plenty of open spaces, including the setting for the beautiful Art Gallery, which is the main attraction of the area. As with most San Francisco, there are plenty of great restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as great shopping malls.


Castro mainly hosts huge gay events in San Francisco, with a plethora of gay bars and nightclubs in the county. There is a large selection in terms of shops and restaurants and also several gardens where you can enjoy the sunshine. Rent is average compared to the rest of the city, but this area is not what you call family-friendly. This is definitely an area for younger people who are more nightlife.

Noe Valley

This is a wealthy neighbourhood, similar to The Marina but on a smaller scale. Once again, shopping and nightlife options are plentiful but traffic in the area can be a nightmare. There are very few green areas and the rent is in higher brackets for the city. There are a lot of younger couples with children in the district and they are increasing in number. The area may be a bit overshadowed by the surrounding hills, but the rest of the city is only a tram ride.

Bernal Heights

This is a small and quiet community with a progressive attitude. This is perhaps the most family-oriented area in San Francisco, but can sometimes be a bit remote from the rest of the city. However, this may be a desirable situation for those who want to have the opportunity to escape city life when needed. There are parks for the kids, while the condition of the shops and restaurants is good, but maybe there is not as much variety compared to other parts of the city. Parking is fine in the area but public transport is limited.

The Richmond and Sunset

This neighbourhood really has a neighbourhood feel, rare in modern city life. With nearby beaches and convenient public transportation and parking, this area is wonderful for families. It’s even a great store and nightlife. Unfortunately, due to the special San Francisco climate, this area can be foggy and cold, even when other areas of the city are enjoying the sunshine. Rent is average for the city, but this area offers the best value for money on the market.

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