New Zealand Immigration Point System – Skilled Employment in New Zealand

If you want to immigrate to New Zealand, you need to check if you are eligible for residency. Immigration to another country is not just about packing your luggage and booking the next flight. Each state must ensure that each migrant adds value to the country as a whole and does not become a burden on the land. In other words, the situation has to be profitable: you can move to the country of your dreams, and the country earns a valuable citizen who can add value to society and the economy.

For this reason, New Zealand immigration has a point system for “classifying” potential immigrants to the country. The higher the value you can add to the country, the more points you earn. You are assessed through a wide range of fitness criteria. Some of these criteria are: how many years of work you have left, how healthy you are, what skills you can add to the workforce, and how scarce these skills are if you have a family who can also contribute to the New Zealand community, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at all the criteria.

Skilled work in New Zealand

If you or your partner already have a job or a job offer in New Zealand, you can add value to the country so that you will get good points for that. However, it is essential to note that the job you do must be skilled workers and not just a modest job offer. Remember, it’s all about adding value to a country. Anyone can do subordinate work. New Zealand is looking for professional workers or has received specialized training to be able to work. In an ideal world, you will be working in a region where New Zealand is short of workers, so it will “fill the void” so to speak.

New Zealand immigration has a list of occupations where they have identified a shortage of kiwi labor. If your profession is listed, you will receive additional points for posting a job or current job.


The more education you get, the more skills you can add to the New Zealand workforce and the more points you earn. As with skilled labor, the rarer your education, for example, a doctorate, the more points you make.

professional experience

The better you are in your business, the higher your value. The only practical way to conduct an immigration service in New Zealand is to see how many years you have been working in your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise. Then you get extra points for the duration of your work in the industry. You will earn bonus points if some of these years of experience are gained while working in the interior of the country, as this means that you also understand the way Kiwis do things.


The more years of work to come, the higher your potential for growth and added value for the economy. If you are close to retirement, this means that the state will soon have to take care of you, rather than the other way around, so that you gradually gain fewer points as you age.


If your partner also has work and qualifications, he will also earn you additional points when you apply for immigration.

Finally, you will also get additional points if you already have a direct family in New Zealand, as this means that your ability to settle in the country has increased considerably.

Lose Points

There are a few factors that don’t technically lose your points, but that can influence the final decision as to whether or not you are allowed to immigrate to New Zealand. These are your health, the health of your families, your personality, and your families.

As I have seen throughout the article, the country is looking for valuable immigrants. If they do so by allowing you to emigrate to the country, it will become a burden on the health system; it would not be wise for them to approve your request. The same goes for your personality – if you have a history of criminal behavior, your application may be rejected as you may then be considered a “communist threat.”

As you can see, the criteria for awarding points are very fair, and based on the value you can add to the country as a whole. If you would like to assess your aspects for free, please visit our website and complete the eligibility assessment form, and we will calculate your points for you.

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