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Russia Travel Tips – Discover Useful Tips Before You Relocate to Russia

Your company faces many challenges to reappoint you in Russia for the duration of the project. You can help by following their instructions, doing your research, and submitting employer suggestions, advice, and ideas. Here are some tips on how to move to Russia. You will need one of two types of visas; Work or not. Your permission will be recorded when entering Russia, and you can use your temporary address in Russia for this purpose.

Company Work permit

You will also need an individual, commercial, or entrepreneur’s work permit. The company’s work permits are reserved for Russian companies wishing to employ foreign citizens. Contact the Russian recruitment department for more information if this applies to you. If you are an employee of a company outside Russia that will work for a company inside Russia, you will need a published work permit. This is only suitable if your stay in Russia is less than one month.
Before moving to Russia, you will need to contact an international transport company with contacts in Saint Petersburg or Moscow to arrange the transportation of your household items. Make sure they know about temporary imports.

Apartment in Russia

As with any search for housing, it is essential to take into account the distance between work, schools, shops, and transportation. Use the Rental Management Service (TMS) to help you find a serviced apartment that is similar to a corporate or temporary residence. It is the best choice for both business and short-term travelers.

When you move to Russia, you need to decide where your awareness should be increased. Stay alert in local bars, overseas markets, bus stations, trains, and airports. Keep a low profile; only Russians should show their fortune.

Be sure to keep your valuables in different places of your person when out in public places. Make copies of your documents and ensure the dates are correct. Watch out for pickpockets. It often happens in crowded streets, markets, etc. Be aware of what’s going on around you and avoid these types of places if you can.

My last tip before moving to Russia is to prepare yourself for stunning views, great architecture, great food, and a lifetime experience.

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