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Spain Travel guide – Top 5 tips for living in Spain

Spain is the number one tourist destination in Europe, so it is also one of the most popular places to travel, live, study and even retire for expatriates from around the world. And if you are looking for a sunny location with a unique lifestyle, the standard of living is high, the climate, culture, history, and way of life are so rich and varied that you are almost guaranteed to find a better quality of life which is undoubtedly a country to consider.

However, living in a foreign country is an entirely different experience from visiting on vacation – and if you want to avoid the culture shock and homesickness sometimes associated with traveling abroad, the best advice from arrivals who have moved to strangers will likely remain in good condition. And deserve to be readings and notes.

Therefore, if you are planning to move to this beautiful and dynamic Mediterranean country, here are the five most essential tips for expatriates to live in Spain and settle down so that you can make the most of your new life abroad.

1) Learn the local language

If you want to settle in and get the most out of your movement, even if you live in an English-speaking pocket and work in a situation where you don’t need to know anything about the local language, learn Spanish! Your colleagues and your community will better accept you, you will get a big part of your new life, and you will be able to connect with everyone and understand everything – from signs and lists to popular culture and politics. This will allow you to make the most of your new life. If you have children, you will feel very embarrassed by your lack of language after about a month when they get home and speak fluent Spanish – so make a real effort, learn, practice, and adopt the local style if you wish. Settle down completely.

2) The adoption of timing in the Spanish language

Spanish work for a living, don’t believe in the competition for useless work for the love of the company that employs them! As a result, they have a completely different – and very healthy – attitude to life. They enjoy a two-hour lunch break every day, they wake up late, eat late, party and are late, they enjoy longer vacations than most of the rest of the world, and they usually don’t stick to schedules or the rules of others! Although you must arrive on time to work and follow local transport networks for a timetable, you should become less strict and keep track of time. And never appear in a restaurant for dinner before 8 p.m. or 9 p.m., it may not even be open to serve you!

3) Don’t fight bureaucracy

A lot of people work for the government and the public sector, which means they all have to justify their work! This translates into a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy every time you want to sign up for anything or apply for some kind of permit or license. Get used to it. Get used to the queue at public offices and visit and revisit them with random pieces of paper, with the need to repeatedly provide your data in various forms. You will never change the system, so accept it and consider a whole day to change, create, save, or order anything! In this way, you will reduce your expectations enough and avoid stress.

4) Discover your new nation

Spain is a beautiful, varied, beautiful, and blessed nation. It’s vast! Don’t just land in Barcelona or Benidorm and think it does. To make the most of your new life, you need to know the whole country and what it has to offer in terms of beautiful places to live, visit, eat, or enjoy. The more you know about Spain, the more you like it. The more you love, the more you feel at home … The more you feel at home, the closer you are to happiness!

5) Perfect Integration

The ultimate advice for expatriates to live in Spain is to integrate as fully as possible into your local lifestyle and your local community. Once you move abroad, you leave your support network of friends and family – but the sooner and the more you can integrate into your new place of life, the faster you will rebuild the support network that is necessary for you and satisfactory business. Life.

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